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How can you mobilize to help the nation improve math and science education for all students? Read recommended actions from The Opportunity Equation report. MORE

We must raise the bar in education and rethink the design of school if we want excellent math and science learning for all students. The Opportunity Equation report provides a roadmap for this vision with recommendations for key stakeholders. MORE


Common Core Standards: Why Did States Choose to Adopt?

We hear from: Former Senator Bill Frist (R-TN), Education Commissioners Eric J. Smith (FL) and Mitchell D. Chester (MA), and the Thomas B. Fordham Institute's Chester Finn. MORE


Common standards, linked with rigorous assessments, set the bar for all students—from struggling to advanced—to master academically rigorous content and succeed in the global economy. MORE


An Artsy Fartsy Mom Gets All Techy: Why I Embrace Science and Math

Alison Craiglow Hockenberry
Huffington Post

All parents want a bright future for their kids. Which is why this history major, French-poetry minor, writer mom wants her kids to ditch the artsy, literary track I once held as the height of achievement and make stuff. Invent, design, discover, and build actual things.

This surprising revelation is rooted in my vague understanding that the fields that are growing in this country are in science, technology, engineering, and math -- the STEM fields. And our country needs STEM experts to thrive. And, unlike the field of writing, there's money and stability in STEM careers.

I have been talking, mostly seriously, about wanting my kids to make stuff for a while, but suddenly I've got a child who is old enough to begin making decisions about her future -- and the future she sees for herself is in STEM. So I, like our whole country, need a serious attitude adjustment.

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