Building Momentum Toward Equity and Excellence

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How can you mobilize to help the nation improve math and science education for all students? Read recommended actions from The Opportunity Equation report. MORE

We must raise the bar in education and rethink the design of school if we want excellent math and science learning for all students. The Opportunity Equation report provides a roadmap for this vision with recommendations for key stakeholders. MORE


Common Core Standards: Why Did States Choose to Adopt?

We hear from: Former Senator Bill Frist (R-TN), Education Commissioners Eric J. Smith (FL) and Mitchell D. Chester (MA), and the Thomas B. Fordham Institute's Chester Finn. MORE


Common standards, linked with rigorous assessments, set the bar for all students—from struggling to advanced—to master academically rigorous content and succeed in the global economy. MORE


Race to the Top Plans in Delaware Approved

Associated Press

The Delaware Department of Education has approved the Race to the Top plans of every school district in the state.

Secretary of Education Lillian Lowery has approved the plans for three years. Lowery will determine funding year-to-year based on performance.

The 19 school districts have been working over the past year on how to use the $18.4 million in federal grant money on reforms that are aligned to the state's goals. Lowery says each district rose to the challenge and came up with plans that address issues in their own district while adhering to the overall goals of improving student and teacher performance.

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