Focusing on Essential Knowledge and Skills

Common standards, linked with rigorous assessments and more effective systems of accountability, can guide stronger math and science instruction for all America students and improve the performance of teachers, schools, and classrooms. They set the bar for all students – from struggling to advanced – to master academically rigorous content and succeed in the global economy.



In the two years since its release, the Opportunity Equation has promoted the goal of excellent, equitable STEM education for all students. This update covers major developments and highlights questions and priorities for the future. MORE



Experts in science education discuss the emerging opportunities of the NRC's "A Framework for K-12 Science Education." MORE


Connecting to Your Work

How can you mobilize to help focus teaching and learning on essential math and science knowledge and skills? Read recommended actions from The Opportunity Equation report. MORE

New designs transform the use of time, money, people, and technology to meet the needs of all students. MORE


Common Core Standards: Why Did States Choose to Adopt?

We hear from: Former Senator Bill Frist (R-TN), Education Commissioners Eric J. Smith (FL) and Mitchell D. Chester (MA), and the Thomas B. Fordham Institute's Chester Finn. MORE