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  • Student Math Scores Rise With Longer Day


    After its first year in operation, The After-School Corporation's ExpandED pilot project with a longer school day is showing improvements in students' math scores , based on data from 11 schools in New York City, New Orleans, and Baltimore. There were variances among the schools themselves, showing the importance of communication with and engagement of the school community.   

  • Early exposure to basic math concepts is vital to avoid innumeracy later on, Missouri study says


    A study recently published by the University of Missouri, which followed a specific group of students from Kindergarten through 7th grade, showed the importance of learning particular concepts by Kindergarten or 1st grade. Researchers highlighted the need for children to learn these ideas at these early ages, as it is an essential step to obtaining math literacy in adolescence and adulthood.   

  • Math museum adds up for kids


    New York City now boasts a museum of a new kind - the National Museum of Mathematics. Here, students (aimed at grades four through eight) can experience math in a new way, exploring the concepts and ideas that they are learning in the classroom with a variety of interactive exhibits. The National Museum of Mathematics is the first of its kind in the United States.   

  • Implementing the Common Core State Standard: A Range of Opinions and Approaches to Designing the best Professional Development

    There is a wide range of opinions on the best way to prepare current classroom teachers to teach the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics. This piece highlights expert views from across the field, from an in-service teacher to the New York State Education Commissioner.   

  • U.S. Math, Science Achievement Exceeds World Average


    In the recently-released results of the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study, or TIMMS, U.S. math and science scores better the world average. Another notable, and exciting, result: scores in the 4th grade math category rose by 12 points. Despite these gains, the United States still falls behind many countries, necessitating a continued focus on math and science education.   

  • New Mathways Project Announces Nine Community Colleges to Serve as Codevelopment Partners


    The Texas Association of Community Colleges (TACC) and the Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin have begun the next phase of implementation of The New Mathways Project (NMP). The New Mathways Project is a state-wide effort to reform mathematics education to allow for greater student success in the coursework and careers.   

  • Montgomery County Math Team elevates math to competitive sport


    The vast majority of reports on the current state of math education in the United States point to gaps that provide large opportunities for significant improvement. Some cases, though, show math as a growing interest among students as it becoming a highly competitive sport. Around the nation, "mathletes" train long hours, have tough coaches, and attend top-level competitions to prove their skills.   

  • Abandoning Algebra Is Not the Answer


    This Scientific American blog responds to a recent New York Times Op-Ed arguing that Algebra -- and higher mathematics at large -- is unnecessary for most students to learn. Author Evelyn Lamb makes a very strong case against this claim, pointing to the many important roles that math plays, both actively and passively, in the average person's daily life.   

  • Common-Core Writers Issue Math 'Publishers' Criteria'


    The publishers' guide to the Common Core State Standards Mathematics will be posted online on July 20. Developed by the lead writers of the Standards, this document sets guidelines and expectations for the content and organization of textbooks and other materials that will be created in alignment with CCSS-M. The guide will likely incite debate amongst key players.   

  • IAS/PCMI: Advancing a Common Curriculum in Mathematics


    Park City Mathematics Institute (of the Institute for Advanced Study) is partnering with Math for America to bring its high-quality professional development program for secondary math teachers to more educators in preparation for the Common Core State Standards Mathematics. This program will train teacher leaders, who will provide support to colleagues during the transition to the new Standards.