We must raise the bar in education and rethink the design of school if we want excellent math and science learning for all students. The Opportunity Equation report provides a roadmap for this vision with recommendations for key stakeholders. MORE


In a transformed system, all students leave high school fully prepared for success in college and careers, with many more students prepared for success in STEM studies and careers.MORE

  • Expanding the Definition of Who Teaches STEM, When and How


    Studies show that the majority of high school students have no contact with an adult who works in a STEM field. In response, a group of non-profit organizations and corporations (with support from the Obama administration) are creating an opportunity for STEM professionals to engage young people in the professional fields, expanding the definition, meaning, and space of STEM teaching.   

  • Coursera Brings Online Instruction To Teachers, Taking Its First Steps Into The K-12 Market


    Coursera, one of the frontrunners in the MOOC (massive open online course) development, has just expanded into a new area: K-12 education. Rather than directly offering courses to kids, Coursera is now providing online professional development opportunities to teachers free of cost, in partnership with several distinguished schools such as the University of Washington College of Education.   

  • A Science Star Already, Tinkering With the Idea of Growing Up


    Sylvia Todd is quite accomplished for an 11-year-old. Invited to attend the White House Science Fair, Sylvia hosts her own You Tube show, "Sylvia's Super-Awesome Maker Show," that has accumulated over 1.5 million views. During her episodes, she presents do-it-yourself projects, demonstrating to her audience how exciting in-home tinkering can be.   

  • Student Math Scores Rise With Longer Day


    After its first year in operation, The After-School Corporation's ExpandED pilot project with a longer school day is showing improvements in students' math scores , based on data from 11 schools in New York City, New Orleans, and Baltimore. There were variances among the schools themselves, showing the importance of communication with and engagement of the school community.   

  • Math museum adds up for kids


    New York City now boasts a museum of a new kind - the National Museum of Mathematics. Here, students (aimed at grades four through eight) can experience math in a new way, exploring the concepts and ideas that they are learning in the classroom with a variety of interactive exhibits. The National Museum of Mathematics is the first of its kind in the United States.   

  • NASA to work with D.C. Public Schools to Mentor Students with Disabilities


    NASA and D.C. Public Schools are partnering to provide STEM educational opportunities to high school students with disabilities. The new program offers students with job training and career mentoring and concludes with a capstone project, using the excitement of NASA to build engagement among students. Students in the program will be considered for summer internships.   

  • Curious George Helping To Bridge The STEM Education Gap In Preschool: Study


    A recent study by the Concord Evaluation Group showed that the books and television series associated with Curious George significantly boosted preschool-age children grasp STEM concepts. Not only did the children test higher on the assessments that followed the books or the TV episodes, but parents reported a higher level of comfort in addressing such ideas with their children.   

  • Montgomery County Math Team elevates math to competitive sport


    The vast majority of reports on the current state of math education in the United States point to gaps that provide large opportunities for significant improvement. Some cases, though, show math as a growing interest among students as it becoming a highly competitive sport. Around the nation, "mathletes" train long hours, have tough coaches, and attend top-level competitions to prove their skills.   

  • SparkTruck Is A Force For STEM Education On Wheels


    Sparktruck, operated by a team from Stanford, brings engineering materials, which are rarely seen at schools, straight to the students. Through this casual engagement, Sparktruck aims to engage students in math and science, showing them the real-world application of the subjects and encouraging them to "make things" and become amateur engineers.   

  • Girl Scouts of the USA CEO Anna Maria Chavez, Others Brief Congress on Girl Scout Initiatives


    First announced on PRNewswire, Girl Scouts of the USA is taking an active role on Capitol Hill to ensure that young women around the nation have access to STEM educations and the opportunity to pursue STEM careers. They also recently released a report on girls and STEM education, showing that, while many young girls are interested in STEM subjects, a STEM career is not their first choice.